Welcoming New Zapier Engineers (September 2017 Edition)

Wade Foster
Wade Foster / September 8, 2017

We're growing quickly here at Zapier, hiring over 50 people in 2017 alone to push our team past the 100-teammate mark! Today, meet some of the talented people who have joined our engineering team over the past several months: Neil Fenton, Brody Berson, Emily Jones, Juan Carlos Coto, Olmo Maldonado, and Cassandra Hill.

Neil Fenton, Software Engineer

Neil Fenton Zapier Software Engineer

Hi everyone! My name is Neil Fenton and I’m joining Zapier as a Frontend Developer. I am located in Toronto, Canada.

As a frontend engineer, I will be responsible for developing the many UI pieces of Zapier.com. I’ll be working with the UX team to develop and implement new UI design and features. I’ll primarily be working with JS, HTML, and CSS and, more specifically, React and Redux. At Zapier, we like to leverage user feedback to improve our product, so I’m looking forward to implementing features that improve your experience!

I first learned about Zapier when I saw a HackerNews posting for the Ultimate Guide to Remote Work. I had been considering remote work for my next opportunity and wanted to read up about how Zapier’s teams operated. It wasn’t until a few months later that I would apply after noticing a job posting on remoteok.io. The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work convinced me that Zapier was the place I wanted to work.

When I’m not working on Zapier’s frontend, I’m likely working on one of my many hobbies such as cooking, photography, collecting vinyl, video gaming, hockey, or planning my next trip.

Brody Berson, Platform Support Engineer

Brody Berson Zapier Platform Support Engineer

Hey there! I'm Brody Berson, and I'm excited to be joining the Zapier team as a Platform Support Engineer.

I grew up in West Michigan my entire life camping with family and being a beach bum on the shores of Lake Michigan. I then had a short stint in Chicago after I graduated before moving to Boulder, Colorado for two years. Colorado has been amazing thus far even though I had to trade in Lake Michigan for the Rockies, the mountains did not disappoint. I am sad to see the Front Range go, but I'll be starting a new adventure in the coming months back in Grand Rapids, Michigan!

My background has always been around technology and engineering in some aspect and mostly working at startups. I love the startup and entrepreneurial spirit and the way it drives creativity and innovation. I went to school at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan for Graphic Design originally before I switched to Computer Science. This helped lead me to create an outdoor adventure apparel company that I run as a side hustle called Happy Camper. I try and focus on this as much as I can when I'm not working during the day for Zapier.

Here at Zapier, I am going to primarily be working on expanding our app count. We are currently pushing 800+ connected apps available on our Zapbook and growing! I work individually with partners adding new apps through our Developer Platform as well as work with existing partners looking to improve their current app. The one thing at Zapier that I am currently excited most about is our CLI Platform. This is opening up a whole new world in app building and am looking forward to it!

Brody Berson

Outside of work, I love to hike, explore, and enjoy an adult beverage or two. In my first year of moving out to Colorado I was able to climb 8 out of the 58 Fourteeners Colorado has to offer and increased that number in my second year of living there. In addition to exploring Colorado, I enjoy exploring as many National Parks as I can, such as Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon. I also love to visit different brewerys on the weekends, hunting down the hoppiest IPAs I can find, like Russian River's Pliny the Elder. Lastly, I have become obsessed with making cocktails at home with local spirits (most recently, New Holland Artisan Spirits)… nothing beats a perfect Manhattan!

Emily Jones, Frontend Engineer

Emily Jones Zapier Frontend Engineer

My name is Emily Jones, and I'm on Zapier's frontend team as a frontend engineer! I'm super excited to be working with the many talented and brilliant who populate the Zapier team!

I first heard about Zapier through Hack Reactor, who uses Zapier to connect a few of their workflows. It wasn't until I saw that Zapier was hiring that I took a closer look. I was distracted from applying for the position by the awesome Zaps that were already offered—there was a solution to my multiple-Google-calendars-and-multiple-Google-email-accounts problem! When I saw how easy and convenient it was to build a Zap, I was intrigued. As I researched Zapier and what it's like to work here, I set my sights on becoming part of the frontend team.

As a quick intro, I was born and raised on the front range of Colorado, spending time in Fort Collins, Boulder, and Denver. My background is in fine arts—specifically the experimental film variety. I made the switch to software after college, when I was working at a film preservation company with an ugly website. I started tinkering with it and fell in love with web development. Fast forward to today, and I couldn't be happier working as a Frontend engineer at Zapier!

At Zapier, I'll be taking a deep dive into (mostly) functional React, creating snappy features and fixing bugs.

When I'm not working, I enjoy watching weird and/or classic movies, fawning over my adorably feral cat, practicing French, reading novels and books about science, tech and politics, listening to podcasts, and trying to find someplace to live that's warmer.

Juan Carlos Coto, Frontend Engineer

Juan Carlos Coto Zapier Product Engineer

Hi! I’m Juan Carlos Coto. I’m a product engineer at Zapier and super happy to be joining the team! I hail from Costa Rica, where we have tons of mountains, volcanoes and beaches. It’s really nice… you should come visit one day!

I love traveling, cooking, cinema, reading and animals (both adopting them and caring for them to have other people adopt them). I am incredibly blessed to share these (and pretty much everything else) with my girlfriend (and best friend), Ana Cristina.

Whale Watching
This is me, ready to go in a whale watching expedition in Iceland.
Mozote the German Shepherd
This is Mozote, the German Shepherd we cared for and found a home for last year.

I’m a software engineer—historically, my main focus has been in the back-end: processing data and machine learning, working with databases and other server-side goodness, so I pretty much love anything that has to do with figuring out how to make great designs that solve complex problems.

I’m also finishing my Computer Science Masters Degree at the University of Costa Rica, where I’m working on a long-term project to help predict the effects of chemotherapy on cancer cells based on their genomes. It’s been fantastic work, and it’s also given me the opportunity to work with some wonderful people. Now, I’m happy to be moving to a new challenge and applying my code-fu to making Zapier a better system.

At Zapier, I’ll be helping out the Product Engineering team make you happier. I’m honored to be part of the team that makes the experience great for users, helping them improve their workflows and automate their lives. It’s especially cool that every improvement we make to Zapier means less time doing rote work and more time doing awesome improvements for our users!

Olmo Maldonado, Partners & Platform Engineer

Olmo Maldonado Zapier Partners and Platform Engineer

Howdy! I'm Olmo Maldonado and I hail from a very small, but awesome community, in McAllen, TX.

I have a M.S. Electrical Engineering degree from UCLA and a B.S. from UTSA. Frontend, backend, and everything in between is my passion. My language of choice is JavaScript, but you'll also find me hacking with PHP and Python. I believe in giving back to the community. I'm a board member of a few non-profits and citizen groups, and I contribute to open source projects. I'm also blessed to have a great family that supports my addiction to coding, woodworking, and cooking.

Just like you, I am an avid Zapier user. Prior to joining as part of the Zapier team, Zapier powered my personal life and a non-profit I founded: Code RGV. Zapier enabled us to double our capacity and improve our offering.

I've since moved back into the engineering industry and I was fortunate to get to apply to this position. I'm excited to play a role in developing tools, integrations, and new APIs for our partners. My objective is to help you focus on your product, and allow Zapier to help you, or your users, automate with outside services.

Talk to me if you'd like to learn, or have requests on, how Zapier can partner with your business.

Cassandra Hill, Platform Support Engineer

Cassandra Hill Zapier Platform Support Engineer

Hi! I’m Cass. I’m based in Sydney, Australia and am originally from a small coastal town called Ulladulla about 3 hours south of Sydney.

For the past year or so I’d heard a lot of talk in my networks about remote work. After a while I decided I needed to investigate what all the chatter was about. I read lots of articles and blog posts about things like "working from home" and being a "digital nomad" and I kept seeing references to the same companies over and over again, praised for their remote work culture. One of those companies was Zapier! With our shared love of automating all of the things, it seemed like the right fit!

I joined Zapier as a Platform Support Engineer, so I’ll be helping review the partner integrations you use for your Zaps! If you get an email reply in the middle of the night, then that’s probably from me on the other side of the world.

Outside of work, I love going to the beach, discovering new small bars in the area with friends, spontaneous travels, and going on bushwalks to look for drop bears. I am also highly skilled at teaching people Aussie slang.

Zapier is hiring! Come join our growing, fully-remote team.

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