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Vicky Volvovski
Vicky Volvovski / Published October 30, 2015

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: Persistence is a trait highly valued at Zapier. I first met Vicky Cassidy when she applied for a marketing role at Zapier and although she didn't get that position, she began freelancing with us and immediately had an impact. Soon after, she applied for a support role. After getting to know her a bit more, it was clear she'd excel at helping Zapier customers. I'm excited to welcome Vicky to Zapier—she'll be vigilant about helping you with any of your Zapier questions.

I’m Vicky Cassidy and I’m thrilled to be joining Zapier’s support team. I’m adding Wisconsin to the map of cities with Zapier employees—Madison, the capital, in particular.

For the past two years, I’ve been running my own consulting business helping small businesses be more productive by implementing the best tools and streamlining their process and operations.

One day while looking for a way to keep my CRM and email marketing lists in sync, I came across Zapier, and my mind was instantly blown. I realized pretty quickly what a powerful tool it was and used it religiously.

Running your own business is both incredibly rewarding and extremely challenging, and when my son was born eight months ago, I decided I needed a career change. While I loved the flexibility of working from home, I missed the camaraderie of working on a team.

When I saw that Zapier had an opening, it was a no brainer to apply. I’ve already met some great people and am looking forward to adding to the witty banter that’s flowing through Zapier’s Slack channels.

When I’m not at the computer testing out the latest app, you’ll likely find me with paprika and olive oil in my hair, cooking up a storm and taking photographs for my blog, Things I Made Today.

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