Top Ways People Use Zapier

Wade Foster
Wade Foster / June 20, 2012

One of the coolest things about Zapier is that people find all sorts of ways to use it that I would never expect or guess. But there are certain use cases that rise to the top.

Without further ado here are some of the top ways people are using Zapier.

Wufoo to AWeber Subscriber

wufoo to aweber

Setting up forms to collect email addresses for your mailing list can be a pain. Wufoo is in awesome form builder though. And AWeber is an awesome email marketing tool. With their powers combined you get email marketing heaven.

Anything to HipChat

twitter to hipchat

Twitter to HipChat, Trello to HipChat, GitHub to HipChat, you name it to HipChat. Plenty of companies live night and day inside of HipChat. Being able to create a company feed of everything that is happening across all your services is invaluable.

Gmail to Anything

gmail to zendesk

Getting to inbox zero is a pain. So plenty of users are using Zapier to take control of their inbox. Create Trello cards from emails, create Zendesk tickets from email, add notes to a Evernote from email all by slapping on a label. This lets you get those pesky emails out of your inbox and into a better system for managing your email.

Your Own Person Alert System

paypal to google chat

Constantly staying on top of todo items, customers, rss feeds and more can be a challenge. To solve this users are sending alerts to Google Chat for new PayPal sales, important RSS feeds, new todo items assigned to them in Basecamp and more.

Hack Your Own

webhook to webhook

Sometimes Zapier doesn't quite have the integration you need. Never fear though. If you have a little bit of coding chops you can use the Zapier webhooks to tie in new integrations simply by sending a GET or POST request to a URL.

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