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Tony Rule
Tony Rule / Published September 18, 2015

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: On May 11, 2012, almost a full month before the official Zapier launch, I received an email from Tony Rule, the Xero API product manager, asking how Xero and Zapier could work together. To this day, it's been one of the more well thought-out intro emails I've received honing in on specific use cases rather than "doing an integration." So when Tony reached out again in mid-2015 about joining the Zapier team, I was ecstatic. Today, we officially welcome Tony to the Zapier team. Our integration partners will certainly benefit from Tony's experience and expertise. Welcome Tony!

Hi. I'm Tony Rule. I have recently joined the Zapier team to assist reviewing the exciting next wave of partner integrations connecting to Zapier. I'm based down under in Wellington, New Zealand.

Before Zapier

Previously I led the Xero Developer API team from its inception in 2008 to earlier this year. My team built out a thriving global developer ecosystem which included partnering with hundreds of the most popular SaaS apps that small businesses use all over the world today. It sure has been great to see how well-thought-out integrations can benefit small business owners.

Juggling a Growing Family and Career

My wife and I have 2 adorable young kids. Lucy, the latest addition to our family, is just a month old now.

Having been an active follower of remote work, when I came across the opportunity to work at Zapier I knew I had to apply. To join a team at the forefront of simplifying app integrations for everyday people was a great next step for me. Having flexibility with work hours and avoiding the daily commute really is a great benefit at this time in my life, too.

A couple of weeks in and I feel that I have had the best start to a new job I could have wished for. Joining the Zapier crew for a retreat in Michigan, mixing work in between getting to know the team in a relaxed environment was a really great time. My peers are a bunch of really neat down to earth people that really put others first.

The Need for Speed


When I get the chance, I love to get out on the water for a windsurf. After all, I live in the windiest city in the world. I am always keen to get out for a blast—even if it's just for an hour here and there. I find windsurfing really relaxing and I always come back from the beach in a recharged and positive state.

App junky

I love being at the bleeding edge of what is possible with software and am looking forward to working with everyone making apps on the Zapier platform.

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