How a Marketing Engineer at a Real Estate Brokerage Doubles Their Output

Joey Blanco
Joey Blanco / Published September 12, 2018

"We can accommodate unique client requests that, without Zapier, would have been totally unscalable."John Balladares, Marketing Engineer, Reside Real Estate

If you're in business by yourself, you probably have a few tools you rely on that brought you to this point. Maybe it's a customer relationship manager (CRM) or lead generator that helped you through the early, hungry years. Now that you're ready to take your business to the next level, you don't want to switch systems—if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

That mentality is why Reside Real Estate, a real estate brokerage focusing on predictably growing an agent's business in part through implementing business plans, uses app automation tool, Zapier, which offers connections to over 1,300 apps—including the ones they use the most.

"Oftentimes, our partners had become power users of their existing business tools," John Balladares, marketing engineer at Reside, explains. "Not offering certain integrations or features would have been enough to prevent a partner from joining Reside."

About Reside Real Estate

Reside teams up with real estate agents to aid in growth, development, and operation, using technology like Zapier to handle the behind-the-scenes heavy lifting.

With stringent standards, the Reside team is selective about their partners, choosing to work with top producing agents who are dedicated to their craft. John was as thorough in his search for a smarter, better way to work, too.

Reside Uses Zapier to Connect with all their Clients' Apps

When John first found Zapier, he needed a flexible marketing automation system that could solve two problems. First, it needed to be able to take in information and data from multiple sources and forms. Second, John wanted the solution to be "vender agnostic", as he puts it, able to change shape as needed, depending on the partner or client.

"Zapier allowed us to create a centralized dispatch center that receives data from almost any system."John Balladares, Marketing Engineer, Reside Real Estate

Enter Zapier's connections to over 1,300 apps. John explains: "When we have a new partner join Reside, we're responsible for managing and optimizing their digital marketing efforts. That meant we had to figure out how to seamlessly move our partners over from whatever CRM or marketing software they currently used, over to our system. Seamlessly doing this required us to offer certain feature parity with their existing tools."

John and the team at Reside essentially use Zapier and its automated workflows, called Zaps, to build connections between apps that automate the work that used to take their partners hours. And with connections to apps like Gravity Forms, Contactually, Google Sheets, and more, the team at Reside ensure that their new partners have a seamless experience—no matter the apps they use.

Reside Real Estate's Tools

Icon: App: Used For:
Contactually Contactually Real estate customer relationship manager (CRM)
Gravity Forms Gravity Forms Lead collection
Google Sheets Google Sheets Backup leads database
Asana Asana Project/task management
Zendesk Zendesk Customer support

The Workflows

For their partners, the Reside team uses several multi-step Zaps, each tailored to a specific need. But the foundation of these complex processes are a few simple connections: Gravity Forms to Contactually and Google Sheets, and Contactually to Google Sheets. These easy-to-use Zaps handle automatic lead generation and build a back-up, just in case.

These Zaps help Reside provide and maintain a robust list of leads and begin the team's unique process cultivating actionable insights. If you want to see why the Reside team builds multi-step Zaps off these simple Zaps, try them for yourself to see how much they help:

And if you want to see a few more of our most popular Contactually integrations for real estate, check these out:

But the Reside team doesn't only use Zapier for partners and clients—they use Zapier internally, too. They pair Asana and Zendesk, simplifying task creation and management. A Zendesk ticket with a specific tag or action will create a task in Asana, and, when that task is completed, will, in turn, update the ticket in Zendesk.

This frees up their team to focus on completing the task, closing the ticket, and providing stellar service—instead of worrying about updating tickets and tasks.

"On a very personal level, Zapier has allowed me to focus on the insights that can be gleaned from data, instead of on how I'm going to wrangle data from disparate sources," John says.

What does that sort of focus translates into? John says "Zapier increased my work output by 100%."

Want to increase your output by 100% like John? Give Zapier a try for free.

All images courtesy of Reside Real Estate.

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