12 Popular Productivity Blogs and 36 of Their Most Shared Posts

Danny Schreiber
Danny Schreiber / Published January 2, 2014

As makers of a platform that increases productivity, we’re big fans of other products and resources that help individuals in the same way. Last week, we shared our 10 favorite new productivity apps from 2013, and now as we kick off the year, we’re sharing a sample of our team’s productivity reading list.

For each outlet, we’ve dug up three popular posts from last year based on social media sharing numbers—a “shares” tally from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. To find this number, we relied on Moz’s Open Site Explorer and the more simpler ShareTally, two great tools that help reveal a site’s traffic and social virality. Each description also features the publishing frequency of the blog, a number garnered from Michael Shipley’s RSS Feed Analyzer.

1. Buffer is big on life hacks and social media tips


Buffer blogs about productivity, life hacks, writing, user experience, customer happiness and business. The three-year-old startup might be better known for its social media sharing tool, but it’s quickly building up a reputation for its writing, too. — 3-4 posts per week

2. Lifehacker is a fire hose of tips and tricks


Lifehacker shares tips, tricks and downloads for getting things done. This blog is the granddaddy of the group, getting its start in January 2005, and earning loads of accolades since, including TIME’s "25 Sites We Can't Live Without" in 2006. — 1 post per hour

3. Marc and Angel Hack Life lends practical tips, personal experience

Marc and Angel Hack Life
Marc and Angel Hack Life offers inspirational advice and practical tips for life. The husband-and-wife blogging duo, who have been at it since 2006, also share opinions on noteworthy events and people in and around their lives. — 3 posts per week

4. Lifehack focuses on getting things done efficiently and effectively


Lifehack offers advice, resources, tips and tricks to help you get things done more efficiently and effectively. Like similarly named blog Lifehacker, Lifehack is a veteran at dispersing such tips, too, getting its start the same year, 2005. — 1 post per hour

5. 99U empowers you to execute ideas


99U offers insights on creativity and productivity. The blog is a product of online portfolio site Behance, which calls the online publication the “missing curriculum” for making ideas happen. — 1 post per day

6. Zen Habits reminds you to breathe


Zen Habits tackles a wide spectrum of topics: simplicity, health and fitness, motivation and inspiration, frugality, family life, happiness, goals, getting great things done and living in the moment. Started in 2007, the blog’s sole writer is Leo Babauta. — 3-4 posts per week

7. Dumb Little Man aims to make your life and work more efficient

Dumb Little Man

Dumb Little Man writes about “anything that makes life and work more efficient, more profitable, and, um, easy.” Started in 2006, the blog’s creator notes on the site that, to this day, he’s “not sure where the name Dumb Little Man came from.” — 1-2 posts per day

8. The Fast Track gives you tools to get the job done fast

The Fast Track

The Fast Track presents “tools to get the job done fast.” The blog is a product of Intuit's online database software Quickbase. — 1 post per day

9. Time Management Ninja helps get more done with minimal effort

Time Management Ninja

Time Management Ninja focuses on time management, productivity, clutter and wasted time. It’s the personal blog of Craig Jarrow, who began the project in 2009. — 3 posts per week

10. Pick the Brain is dedicated to self improvement

Pick the Brain

Pick the Brian shares information on personal productivity, motivation and self education. Launched in 2006, the blog says it diverges from traditional “self-help” by taking a broader approach. — 1 post per day

11. WorkAwesome wants you to work better


WorkAwesome shares knowledge about starting, completing and trying new things. Tina Su started the blog in 2008 after serving as a software engineer and user-experience designer at Amazon. — 2-3 posts per week

12. Asian Efficiency is two friends sharing tips

Asian Efficiency

Asian Efficiency shows ways to complete daily tasks, projects and assignments in the optimal time possible. Two friends started the blog after encouragement from comrades of theirs who turned to them for productivity advice. — 2-3 posts per week

Your Reading List

What’s your favorite productivity blog? We hope to double our list by year's end—help us do so by sharing your pick in the comments below.

Credits: Photo from Flickr user dawolf

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