De-Location Package: Keep Your Career and Live Beyond the Bay Area

Wade Foster
Wade Foster / Published March 17, 2017

Zapier has always been a 100% remote team. We think you can work for a great company and live wherever you want. But for those of you in the Bay Area, it might not be as easy to make the swap to remote. So today we're launching an experiment to help—a de-location package. But first some backstory on why.

Five years ago, I moved away from friends and family in central Missouri to the Bay Area. Part of the allure was and is its thriving tech scene. Like any new place, the Bay Area is fantastic to be in for the first time. If you work in tech in a small town, coming to the Bay Area is like coming to the big leagues. You actually encounter people who understand what you do on a day-to-day basis. Not to mention the fantastic weather, the adjacent beaches, wine country, ski country, and more that the area has to offer—it truly makes the Bay Area one-of-a-kind.

Some of us fall in love with the area and are financially able to make this home. But for the rest of us, it can be a real challenge to turn the Bay Area into a life-long home rather than a short stop somewhere in our twenties and thirties. The housing crunch and high cost of living simply price out many families and, despite loving the area, the realities are many of us need to look elsewhere to create the life we want for our families.

When we reach this crossroad, many of us feel we have to make a career sacrifice. You have to go from the land of opportunity for your tech career to a city with a more limited set of options for your own personal growth.

At Zapier we don't think you should have to make that tradeoff. We've long embraced remote working. And think you should be able to work wherever you want and still work at a place that helps you achieve your career goals.

So if you're living in the Bay Area but thinking about making a change that will improve your family's standard of living, we're eager to help. Zapier will provide up to $10,000 to help relocate you and your family to your new home outside the Bay Area.

If you've been thinking about making a move, apply to any of the open roles. We'll go through the hiring process together and if it seems like you like Zapier and you've demonstrated the necessary skills for us to make an offer, we'll help set you up with the relocation package as part of it.

The recruiting industry has long offered relocation assistance to convince you to move somewhere you may not prefer. We think it's time you get assistance to take a new role you'll love and move to the exact place you want to be.

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