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Melanie Pinola
Melanie Pinola / Published May 20, 2016

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: Writing and apps are at the heart of what we do on the Zapier marketing team. Many of you are familiar with our extensive web app guides, each taking us months to produce. So when the opportunity came to welcome Melanie Pinola to the Zapier team, we were ecstatic. Melanie has authored some of our favorite app reviews over at Lifehacker, and we knew that both ourselves and our readers could learn a ton from her. Please help us give Melanie a warm Zapier welcome.

A couple of months ago, Zapier's Danny Schreiber asked me if I knew of any writers who might be interested in the company's new lead writer position and if I could refer them to him. I'm sorry, my writing comrades, but I must confess I didn't even bother thinking about others to refer, because I wanted the job myself.

I discovered Zapier four years ago, when I was looking for a way to connect two apps. I don't remember which ones they were (Gmail and SugarSync? Evernote and Buffer?), but Zapier had the solution–and many more app integrations than I thought were possible. I wrote this blog post on Lifehacker as tribute.

Since then, I've been keeping an eye on Zapier, in large part because of the blog and guides. They hit the sweet spot for me, professionally and personally–that intersection between technology and productivity.

For the last five years, I've been writing for Lifehacker, as well as, more recently, other tech-centric sites such as Laptop Magazine, How-To Geek, and The Wirecutter. I'm excited to start here because I'll be able to better focus on writing about apps and productivity, and also help out with editing and content development. I'm keen on seeing where we can take the blog and other content here to make them even more useful for you.

Because of the flexible, remote work arrangement—something I can't champion enough—I get to continue working from my home office in Long Island, New York, where my 10-year-old daughter sometimes acts as my "secretary" and my husband forces me to take breaks for lunch.

When I'm not at my desk writing, you'll find me saying silly things on Twitter, traveling when I can, and trying out new restaurants (sometimes all three at once). Finally, I hope you can keep this secret of mine: My name's pronounced 'mel AHH nee' rather than the more common 'MEL uh nee.' I usually only tell that to friends or people I intend to talk to more than once. Nice to meet you!

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