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Matthew Guay
Matthew Guay / Published August 22, 2014

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: If you're a fan of web apps, it's hard to miss one of Matthew Guay's reviews around the web. I've tried many apps because of his reviews. So when I found out Danny recruited him to write for the Zapier blog, I was ecstatic. Then when his first few posts on the blog did amazing, I asked Danny if we thought he'd be willing to write more for us. Turns out, he was. I'm thrilled to welcome Matt to the Zapier team. He's not only a fantastic writer, but understands web apps inside and out which is going to make for exciting improvements to Zapier.

It all started in March when Zapier's Danny Schreiber needed a new writing app and came across my AppStorm review of Byword. He loved the app so much, he emailed me to say thanks for recommending it, and then pitched me on writing for the Zapier blog.

As it turned out, I’d just used Zapier extensively for a client’s project several months prior, helping them make a more efficient workflow by switching from dozens of disparate apps to better web apps, and tying them all together with Zapier. I’d known of Zapier for years, having first mentioned it at AppStorm in mid 2012, but this project had underscored the tool's power to me. I’d always been keen on discovering the best apps at AppStorm, and helping people get more out of them at Techinch and Tuts+, and Zapier’s the perfect intersection of the two.

And so, a month later, I published my first article on Zapier’s blog: a 2,600-word roundup of the top team chat apps. It combined the best of what I loved at AppStorm—uncovering great apps—but then immediately let you discover more you could do with the apps mentioned thanks to the power of Zapier’s integrations. I was hooked.

I’ve worked as the Tuts+ Software Training editor for the past 6 months, and the Mac and Web AppStorm editor for the 3 years before that. I’d also worked with CoSupport, helping startups—including Metalab’s Flow—set up their support workflows and write documentation. Now, at Zapier, I’ll combine the two skills, helping you discover the best apps through our Zapbook, and then helping you put them to use through our Learning Center and blog posts. I'll be telling stories—the stories that'll help you learn how you can be more productive with Zapier.

It’s exciting to be working directly with a product, after so many years of reviewing apps from a distance. With over 325 apps (plus in-house apps you can add yourself with our Dev Platform) working together on Zapier, it’s a huge challenge to make it easier to discover apps and ways to use them, and that’s exactly what I’m focused on. And you couldn’t ask for a better team to work with.

The Zapier team works remotely, just as most of the teams I’ve worked for, and so I’ll continue to live and work in Bangkok, Thailand, where I live with my wife Raht. I’ve always loved writing, whether on my MacBook or my rather ancient Olympia typewriter, and may be the only person on earth who actively tries to find new apps to try out in my downtime (or tries to revive ancient apps in virtual machines). That is, of course, when I’m not off on some exotic adventure in Thailand.

Matthew and Raht

As the second member of the marketing team at Zapier, I’d love to hear from you with any ideas on things you’d like to see covered on the Zapier blog, in our learning resources, and more. Always feel free to email me at matthew.guay@zapier.com or send me a message on Twitter (@maguay). And be sure to subscribe to our blog; expect to see a lot of great new stuff here from all of our team!

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