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Justin Deal
Justin Deal / Published June 2, 2014

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: I'm stoked to welcome Justin Deal to Zapier. Justin is not only a fantastic developer, but hails from the Show Me State (Missouri), where Zapier has its roots. He's also the perfect example of how persistence and timing pay off: Justin first reached out to us six months ago. At the time, we loved meeting with him, but because our hiring process was a bit chaotic fluid, we ended up hiring for another needed role. Since then, while we spent time improving our hiring process, Justin made sure to stay in touch. So when we went looking to fill another position, he was there. I was ecstatic because his persistence meant Zapier is still able to benefit, despite having missed out on him before.

Since starting at Zapier four weeks ago, it’s been a lot of hard work, but it hasn’t really felt like a “job”. Some of that is because I work from home now, but it goes deeper than that. I feel incredibly lucky to work with a high concentration of brilliant people who also happen to be some of the nicest people I’ve met. I also feel like I’m working on something that I’d do in my free time anyway!

Before Zapier

Most of my career has been spent at academic publishing company Elsevier (and a company bought by Elsevier and another bought by that company). There I was handed projects that involved a variety of tech: from building multimedia apps to creating journal publishing systems, designing database tables to architecting AngularJS mobile apps—backend to frontend and just about everything in between. A strong theme for me, however, has been JavaScript. Partially, because nobody else would touch it, and partially, because I knew it would be the foundation of future browser-based applications.

It was while building a new ecommerce system that I learned about Zapier. We needed to integrate many third-party apps together, and looking around at what was out there, I came across the integration platform. Even though it didn't support all the apps I need to hook up at the time, I loved with the concept and company. Later, when a friend mentioned that they were hiring, I applied that night.

At Zapier: “Frontend Engineer with a Pinch of Full-Stack”

Fast-forward six months, and I’m receiving an offer from Zapier that refers to my new position as “frontend engineer with a pinch of full-stack”. At Zapier, everybody does everything, and I don’t think there’s any danger of my full-stack skills withering anytime soon. I am happy to be focusing on one area for a change, though. Zapier has some awesome plans ahead, and it’s clear that an awesome frontend is required. I’m honored they picked me to help with that! I look forward to simplifying our frontend code while simultaneously making it more powerful, performant, and reliable.

Outside of Zapier: Nerd with a Pinch of Artist

In my free time, I write more code! I was trying to concentrate on Node.js modules, but lately, I’ve been coding an iOS game. I also like toying with new programming languages and reading stuff from people who are a lot smarter than I am (e.g. Rich Hickey).

Justin Deal floating head

Once in a while, I write a song or a screenplay or something else using that other part of my brain. I also like to spend time with my wife and kids! Of course, you’ll often catch me trying to convince them to write code or write a story or make a stop motion movie! Or getting them to play-test the game I’m making. :-)

Like I said though, working at Zapier is kind of like doing my hobby all day long. I don’t intend to take that for granted, so I’ll be doing my best to make a great product even better. Lots of hard work and fun ahead!

Want to join Justin at Zapier? We're hiring!

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