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Julie Hammers
Julie Hammers / April 24, 2015

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: Zapier is a complex product that has to balance the intricacies of getting hundreds of unique APIs to play nicely together. Oh, and users need to love the product, too. My first conversation with Julie Hammers convinced me she can help us do just that. Not only is she a great designer, but she also cares deeply about users and the complete experience they'll have with a product (something many designers only give lip service to). Having her as a fellow Cardinals fan and Missouri native is just the cherry on top. Welcome, Julie!

Holla! My name is Julie Hammers and I'm truly honored to be joining the extremely talented team at Zapier.

Before Zapier

Professionally, I am a nerd. I first learned to code in 1985, made my first website in 1995, and have worked in tech since 2003. Weirdly enough, I actually studied writing and literature in college and planned to become a professional writer. I still hope to one day publish a novel or a children's book. Or both!

Most recently, I was head of user experience and design for a 500Startups company called Sales Beach, which turned the email-related pains of outbound sales into, you guessed it, a day at the beach. Before that I founded Swipe, a mobile design consultancy that helped early stage companies get their apps to market. Prior to Swipe, I led the mobile team at TaskRabbit, helping to build their Apple award-winning iPhone app. Generally, my work has focused on user experience, interaction design, product design, and all things mobile.

At Zapier

I discovered Zapier while trying to solve a problem for a client, they wanted a way to connect video chat with customers to their email marketing software. Zapier to the rescue! A few months later, I saw that Zapier was hiring on a remote work job site, and went for it.

Here at Zapier, I'll be helping to grow the design team and working to build even better products for our customers. I love that Zapier gives our users "superpowers" to help them save time and get things done so they can focus on what matters. I can't wait to hear from you all as we take our experience to the next level!

The Deets

I was born where the cornfields used to be, in Saint Charles, Missouri. I moved to Boston for college (love that Dirty Water) and had a brief stint in Chicago, as well. Eventually, I moved west to San Francisco to do that whole startup thing and lived there until last year. (And in case you are wondering, Cardinals > Giants, always.)

I currently live in Saint Louis with my Irish data-nerd husband, Conor, and our twin baby boys Asa and Sean. We love our little house in University City, our life together, and our pesky, but well-meaning cat Alfie.

Julie's twins

Outside of being a complete dork: I'm obsessed with Fall, all things black, white, or orange, caffeinated beverages, and thunderstorms. I used to DJ and many of my greatest adventures and stories are from going to see crazy gigs! I still have a fair amount of vinyl and almost always have music on in the house (if my husband isn't playing his guitar!). Anyhoo, happy to meet you, dear reader—so excited to see what new adventures await at Zapier!

DJ Msjuliejulie

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