Welcoming Marketing Specialist José Proença

Jose Proenca
Jose Proenca / Published January 13, 2016

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: Most people that join our marketing team start as freelancers writing for our blog or helping out in other ways. Then when a need arises, we call upon our best freelancers to see if they'd be interested in joining us full-time. With José Proença, it was a bit different. His contributions as a freelancer were so phenomenal and so consistent that he worked himself into joining Zapier within a few months. I've loved working with him as a freelancer and I'm excited that he's joining Zapier full-time. Please help me give José a warm welcome.

I couldn’t be more excited to be writing this—I’m joining the incredible team at Zapier! After a few months of freelance work, it was clear there was nowhere I’d rather be.

(Now to figure out where I’ll be physically, since I plan to move away from Las Vegas where I currently live. I do love Portugal, where I was born, but I want to explore the U.S. some more.)

Anyway, if you’ve ever tried our Shared Zaps you might have seen my work. Those are our pre-made integrations with set-up walkthroughs and ready-made templates. I began by writing a whole bunch of them. Even if you tend to make your own Zaps, be sure to look for Shared Zaps—you might come across new ideas to automate and speed up your pipeline.

Now that I’m on board, my expanded focus will be on developing our Shared Zaps so they can become as useful as possible, providing inspiration for all sorts of creative workflows. But that’s just the beginning; from our recent addition of folders for your Zaps to some really cool news coming soon, you’re going to be finding more automated solutions than ever before.

Even though some of it sounds unrelated, I plan to put all my past professional experience to work for Zapier. I've written and developed video games for most of my career, but I've also worked on SaaS development, social media, web content writing, and translation. The common thread in most of it was user action and desire—and how their interfaces and tools met those needs. I'm always asking myself "what has the user done, and what to they want to do next?" It's like a puzzle to be solved, something that tends to keep me up at night until I figure it out.

So even while I’m going for a run, mixing my cocktails, or curled up with a book, you can be sure I’ll be taking mental and written notes, considering ways to automate and simplify your work—I’m often surprised how much it reminds me of designing guidance and puzzles in video games!

It won’t just be about the Shared Zaps, though. There’ll be blog writing, support, working with the platform team on tools for creation and management of your Zaps, partner marketing… Anything and everything to make sure we’re doing the best job at supporting your existing needs and predicting solutions for your bottlenecks — before they ever become an issue.

What a ride it’ll be! So very thankful for the chance. :)

Here’s to a happy 2016 with more time and effort saved than ever before!

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