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Welcoming Support Engineer Jacob Blakely

By Jacob Blakely · September 30, 2016
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A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: If you ask around in the tech industry about "Support Engineers," people will often comment that it's a contradiction. How could you ever find an engineer that likes communicating with and helping customers? Of course, we know that's not impossible because everyone does support at least in part at Zapier. But a desire to do support most of the time is still a rare breed amongst engineers. When we chatted with Jacob, it was obvious we'd found a great fit. Jacob brings the right combination of empathy, tool building, and automation focus that Zapier customers are going to benefit greatly from. Welcome, Jacob!

Hey there, Internet! I'm Jacob, Zapier's new Support Engineer! I'm really excited about the work I'm going to be doing here, as it blends my background in client services and love of helping people figure things out with my passion for writing clean, beautiful code.

I first heard about Zapier back in 2012 when Melanie Pinola (who works here now, too!) wrote this article featuring Zapier on Lifehacker. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Zapier pop up again recently on a few lists of great remote companies to work for. As I did more research about Zapier and what it would be like to work here, I became a big fan. At its core, Zapier is a technology company that is all about people, and it shows.

My role as a Support Engineer at Zapier has two parts. I'll be building and maintaining internal tools to make everyone on the team more efficient. I'll also be spending a lot of time working directly with our users to answer questions and sort out technical issues. If you write in, maybe I'll get to talk to you! I look forward to it.

As for life outside Zapier, my wife and I are currently based out of the Pacific Northwest, the land of craft brews, delicious coffee, and wonderfully consistent rain. Perhaps currently isn't the best word — I've kind of always been based out of the Pacific Northwest. It's home, and I love it here.

When I'm not building stuff online, I enjoy camping, comfy socks, chiptunes, JRPGs, European-style board games, logic puzzles, LAN parties, soccer, speedrunning, Japanese culture, high fantasy, eSports, Oxford commas, and making lists.

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