How to Keep Your Sales and Support Teams Happy and Efficient with Automation

Joey Blanco
Joey Blanco / Published November 20, 2017

It's hard to avoid the minutia of sales and support. Both require extensive cataloging, tagging, and monitoring to maintain a healthy database. If you don't catch yourself, your entire day could descend into copying data from system to system. Add in multiple support channels and lead generators and it's no surprise you're drowning in manual work.

Custom sticker producer StickerYou ran into these bottlenecks. Their support team uses Olark for live chat and Help Scout for support tickets. Their sales team generates leads from Wufoo forms and Facebook Lead Ads. These leads live in customer relationship manager (CRM) SalesforceIQ.

Multiple systems, multiple headaches.

Thankfully, StickerYou has Andriy Starchenko, SEM and Marketing Analytics Manager. He saw StickerYou had an account with app automation tool Zapier. Soon after, he crafted automated workflows that allow the support and sales to work more efficiently.

"When I got into Zapier, I realized there are so many things that simplify the life of support and sales."Andriy Starchenko, SEM and Marketing Analytics Manager, StickerYou

Create Help Scout Tickets from Forms and Chat

With StickerYou, anyone can upload and design their own custom labels, decals, and,of course, stickers. If that process gets a little confusing, StickerYou offers live chat through Olark. "We were getting quite a few chat requests for help with our online sticker editor," Andriy explains.

Via chat, the support team guides new customers through sticker creation, uploading designs and answering questions about materials. When those chats end, the customers might come back with more questions, sending an email to support. Those emails land in Help Scout, separate from the Olark chat history.

"We wanted to have every support request in one place so the goal was to integrate Olark with Help Scout," Andriy explains. "When we integrated Olark with Help Scout, it became a lot easier. People from the support team now easily find all the history of communication for each client and they're able to deliver a better level of satisfaction for our users."

Andriy's Zap—a bridge between two or more apps—sends new Olark transcripts to Help Scout. Zapier searches for a matching customer (or creates one) and creates a conversation instantly.

A Zap seamlessly connects different applications together.

Now, StickerYou's chats have a history in Help Scout. If a customer emails StickerYou after a chat, the new support rep has the story at their fingertips.

Manage New Leads Automatically

With support handled, Andriy set his sights on automating some of the sales teams' workflows. Chief among StickerYou's lead generators are Facebook Lead Ads and Wufoo. Before Zapier, the sales team would export new leads from Facebook and Wufoo regularly and import them into SalesforceIQ.

Have you ever spent time exporting data and importing into a new system? Beyond taking time to download and upload, there's always a chance for corrupted data. Maybe a cell's value has a strange symbol in it. Whatever it is, it can crash an upload. Then you have to dig through everything to find the culprit. This is a black hole (one this writer might have been sucked into a time or two).

"With Zapier, it's just so simple to build what you need."Andriy Starchenko, SEM and Marketing Analytics Manager, StickerYou

That's not even considering the multiple systems, multiple headaches scenario: "Previously, I would have to go to at least three different places to pull all of the data," Andriy explains. "Sometimes, the statuses of those leads wouldn't be up to date, so I'd have to cross-reference with actual client information in the CRM."

With Zapier, leads flow automatically into SalesforceIQ. All the sales team has to do now is turn that lead into a client and Zapier handles the maintenance. When new leads come in from Facebook Lead Ads and Wufoo, Zapier creates new relationships in SalesforceIQ.

No more export and import, download and upload. Zapier takes your leads and brings them where you need them, your CRM.

With these automated workflows, StickerYou provides their customers with a smoother experience. Support and sales reps can peruse a customer's prior contacts with a simple Help Scout search. Most importantly, though, no one is stuck in the swamp of tedious, manual work. That means more time for support and sales to interact with customers.

"Now, all I do is pull one report from SalesforceIQ and I have good visibility into the performance of each sales and support rep," Andriy says. "It's a lot easier to provide stats on how everyone performs and how satisfied our customers are."

All images courtesy of StickerYou.

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