Welcoming Business Development Lead Cody Jones

Cody Jones
Cody Jones / Published April 1, 2016

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: One piece of the magic of Zapier is our 600-plus partner apps. Those services are what make all the integrations possible. To date, it's been a tag-team effort when working with our partners. But today, I'm excited to announce Cody Jones is joining us to help coordinate our business development work with all of our partners. I've known Cody for several years now and every time we have had the chance to chat his enthusiasm for small business, SaaS and great partnerships has been infectious—I'm excited he'll be spreading that love to all our partners.

Automation, Small Business, SaaS

My name is Cody, and I'm joining Zapier from the Phoenix area to head up business development. I'm passionate about automation, small business and SaaS technology… and I can't think of a better place to put that passion to work!

My love for automation started early in my life with my first job: a scrappy SaaS startup that had a big vision on how marketing automation could change the world for small business. I joined Infusionsoft in 2004 and spent the next 11 years on the roller coaster of growth, going from 7 to 700 employees during that time. I cherish the lessons I learned in scaling a technology company to that size, but have always found myself longing to be part of another fast-paced startup.

Discovering Zapier

I first heard of Zapier in 2013, when I learned about how some customers were working with an inventive startup to get Infusionsoft to play nicely with all sorts of apps… for free! It all sounded too good to be true, but the further I dug, the more impressed I became with the quality of the integrations and the freedom that Zapier gives small businesses to use the tools that they love, together.

Here at Zapier, I'll be working with our partners to provide the most seamless experience possible in connecting their users' accounts to over 600 apps. I look forward to working with you to help our mutual customers grow!

More About Me

I'm a full-time dad to two baby boys and a husband to my extremely patient wife. When we aren't up to our ears in diapers, we enjoy getting out as a family and watching the world through our children's eyes. When I can tear myself away from my family, you'll find me actively involved in the local startup scene, advising and investing in technology companies that have a chance of changing the world for small business. Outside of family and technology, you might find me trying to stay young with my friends on the nearest slope or wave!

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