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The 11 Best Online Whiteboards in 2019

Maria Myre / March 14, 2019

There's something valuable about physically writing something down—or drawing it on a whiteboard. In fact, a study from Indiana University indicates that writing things down can help our brains function better in a whole host of ways, including "idea composition and expression."

It's one reason why you...

The 8 Best Video Hosting Sites for Businesses in 2019

Farheen Gani / March 6, 2019

Videos have dominated the web for ages, and now video marketing is becoming a necessity for any business. 87 percent of online marketers create video content, while 51 percent of them tout videos as the content with the best ROI. Both marketers and consumers agree that video is here to...

The 8 Best Email Clients for Windows in 2019

Joseph Yaker / March 4, 2019

Given the number of emails we send each day, it's no surprise we have high standards for the apps we use to manage those messages.

Email clients are no longer designed with just the basics we've come to expect, but the best now include exceptional features, things like...

The 9 Best Email Clients for Mac

Tim Brookes / March 4, 2019

Whether you live in your inbox or just use it to communicate with those who do, email is going to be a daily part of your work life. And if you use a Mac, one of the best things you can do to improve your experience with email is use...

The Best Free Project Management Software

Matthew Guay / February 28, 2019

Learning how to manage your projects efficiently can mean the difference between profit and loss for your revenue. In fact, it's estimated that 9.9% of every dollar is currently wasted due to poor project performance. That's a sobering stat, especially if your startup or freelance business isn...

The 12 Best Android To Do List Apps For 2019

Justin Pot / February 28, 2019

You never know when you're going to come up with an idea or remember something you need to do later. So it's really important that whatever to do list you use works well on your phone, the device you most likely have near you at all times.


The 12 Best Calendar Apps for iPhone in 2019

Kiera Abbamonte / February 26, 2019

Your calendar app should remind you that your brother's birthday is next week. It should let you see your weekly meetings at a glance and stay on top of your work schedule from anywhere. And, ideally, it should do all of that and more without much involvement from you...

The 14 Best To Do List Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2019

Tim Brookes / February 14, 2019

To do lists help you remember tasks, prioritize them, and generally keep track of your work and life. Whether it's work assignments, books you want to read, or groceries you need to pick up, you won't remember them if you don't write it down.

And to organize...

The 7 Best To Do List Apps for Windows in 2019

Justin Pot / February 12, 2019

It's getting harder and harder to find dedicated Windows software—it seems like every productivity app lives in the browser these days. That can be frustrating if you're the sort of person who wants to use an app that works well out of the box on Windows as...

The Best Screen Recording Software in 2019

Ryan Farley / February 11, 2019

Text isn't always an efficient way to deliver instructions, describe problems, or share knowledge. Writing out descriptions can take significantly longer than just showing someone your screen. But you're usually not standing next to the person or people who need to see your screen.

Screen recording software solves...