Find out when your Twitter handle is mentioned in a news article

Justin Pot / Published May 4, 2020

"Twitter reacts" is an entire genre of news articles. If you're active on Twitter you've probably been featured in one, whether you realize it or not.

A recently-viral tweet pointed out that you can use Google News to find out. It's fun! My co-worker Andrew discovered he was quoted in...

How to create Google Docs templates based on form responses

Matt Haughey / Published April 30, 2020

Here's a good rule of thumb: Any time you find yourself copying a document to reuse over and over again or find yourself filling out blanks in a document, it's time you can save with automation. Zapier lets you automatically fill out Google Docs templates based on triggers from other...

Twitter shut down SMS notifications. Here's how to keep getting them.

Justin Pot / Published April 28, 2020

Twitter shut down SMS notifications in most countries last week, meaning anyone who relies on that feature is currently out of luck. But there's a workaround.

Before smartphones, Twitter was basically an SMS service. Every tweet from users you followed was sent to you as a text message. Most users...

Can you use Discord for business?

Justin Pot / Published April 23, 2020

Discord is similar to Slack or Microsoft Teams, but you wouldn't know that looking at the home page. The gamepad, question block, and potion quickly make it clear that Discord is branded as a way for gamers to talk while playing—and not as a productivity tool.

I don't like being...

Adjust your Zoom security settings to avoid these 5 privacy issues

Hannah Herman / Published April 23, 2020

As people work from home in greater numbers, Zoom has become a household fixture. But like a lot of software, Zoom can be used both for good and by nefarious forces of evil who want to ruin your life one meeting at a time. As with any app, there's no...

Add some of Zoom's best features to Google Meet

Justin Pot / Published April 14, 2020

Google Meet is Google's answer to Zoom, but it's missing a few features. Meet Enhancement Suite is a free Chrome extension that adds a few of these features to Google Meet: push-to-talk, a grid view, and the ability to leave your camera and microphone off when first joining a...

How to upload Nintendo Switch screenshots to Google Drive, Dropbox, and thousands of other apps

Justin Pot / Published April 9, 2020

Nintendo makes it easy to take screenshots and videos of your games, then share Switch screenshots and videos to Facebook and Twitter. But why only those two services? There's no official way to upload images to cloud storage services, like Google Drive or Dropbox. The only other way to transfer...

How Zapier's apps make your workflows even more powerful

Justin Pot / Published April 7, 2020

With Zapier, you can connect thousands of apps to create customized workflows. But when you go to connect your favorite apps, you might run into a few things those apps can't do. That's why we built a collection of our own tools that let you customize your workflows even more....

How to power up your Google Apps using automation

Justin Pot / Published April 3, 2020

Google makes some of the most popular—and powerful—software on the web. But automation can make it even more versatile.

Zapier connects to most of Google's best known apps. You can build automated workflows that connect these apps to each other and to thousands more. This means you can do...

When should you mute yourself during a video call?

Justin Pot / Published March 26, 2020

People are spending more time in video calls than ever, but the big questions are going unanswered. Specifically: when are you supposed to mute yourself? And when is it okay to leave the camera off?

From what I can tell, even the Very Tech Savvy People have no idea what...