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8 New Google Calendar Features You Should Start Using Now

Matthew Guay / October 19, 2017

Calendar apps just need to manage appointments and notify us when they're about to start. That's just about it. So perhaps it's not surprising that in the 11 years since Google first launched Google Calendar, it's scarcely changed anything about the app, even as it grew...

7 Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks for Better Email Management

Jessica Greene / October 10, 2017

You launch a major project at work, complete a complex task on deadline, or find a solution to an ongoing problem, but none of those accomplishments feel quite as rewarding as that rare moment when your email inbox is empty.

There’s good news: achieving Inbox Zero doesn’t have...

The Email Parser Guide: How to Automatically Copy Data From Your Emails

Matthew Guay / October 9, 2017

Ebay emailed—you just got a new sale. Your bank emailed with your monthly statement, your credit card is reminding you to pay your bill, and Apple's reminding you of that app you bought last night. And the contact form on your website is nice, but each message is...

12 Hidden Asana Features to Start Using Right Now

Karla Lant / October 3, 2017

If you don't already love Asana, you might soon. The task and project management app has everything from advanced organizational features to flying unicorns, and the basic version is free for individual users. But don't limit Asana to being only an electronic to-do list. Make Asana do more...

The Zapier Formatter Guide: How to Automatically Format Text the Way You Want

Matthew Guay / September 28, 2017

So near, and yet so far. That's the feeling more often than not when trying to get apps to work together. You export data out of one app, try to import it into another—and it looks perfect, right until it doesn't. Turns out, the text is in...

How to Automatically Convert Markdown to HTML

Matthew Guay / September 26, 2017

Formatting text should be easy. Often, however, it's not. If you've ever opened a Word document in an earlier version of Word or in a different word processor app and then spent half an hour getting your formatting looking perfect again, you know how annoying rich text can...

How to Change Date and Time Formats in Your Text Automatically

Matthew Guay / September 25, 2017

New Year's Day 2018 is on January 1, 2018 or Jan/1/18 in the US, but in much of the world it's on 1 January 2018 or 1/Jan/18. And the minute before might be 12:59 PM to one person, 23:59:59 to another...

How to Find Any Person, Job, or Opportunity with LinkedIn Search

Joe Stych / September 22, 2017

OK, let's get this out of the way: LinkedIn isn't the most "fun" social network. You aren't going to see the newest memes in your feed or adorable baby pictures or live-tweeted dramas about airport security. This social sphere is more interested in learning and professional development...

How to Find and Replace Any Text in Your Documents

Matthew Guay / September 22, 2017

Your company just updated its name—it's not Apple Computer, Inc. anymore, now it's just Apple, Inc, and every reference you have to OS X needs to be replaced to macOS. Even more common: come New Years, all of your document headers and copyright footers will have the...

How to Automatically Capitalize Text the Way You Want

Matthew Guay / September 21, 2017

Capitalization isn't something you have to think much about. The first letter of a sentence gets capitalized, along with any proper nouns—and you write in all caps when you're angry. Article titles are a bit more tricky, but for the most part, you capitalize the first letter...