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How to Automatically Generate Charts and Reports in Google Sheets and Docs

Matthew Guay / January 18, 2017

You've gathered data, perhaps stats about your latest marketing campaign or your sales data from last year. You need to figure out the trends, whip up some charts, and turn them into a report or presentation. Wouldn't it be nice to have an assistant who could do that...

How to Force a Public Wi-Fi Network Login Page to Open

Matthew Guay / January 16, 2017

You open your laptop in an airport, at a coffee shop, or perhaps in your hotel or conference room. You sit down to work, select the correct Wi-Fi network, and … nothing. Your Wi-Fi icon may even show it's connected, but your browser says You are not connected to...

The Advanced Google Search Cheat Sheet

Melanie Pinola / January 6, 2017

Googling is by far the most common way people try to find information online. But one thing people don't make enough use of is Google's search functions. With these search functions or operators, you can quickly eliminate irrelevant search results and get just what you're looking for...

Download Hundreds of Free Technical eBooks from Microsoft

Melanie Pinola / January 2, 2017

Want to improve your tech skills or advance your career this year? eBooks are a great way to learn something new, and this huge collection from MSDN covers a broad range of computer topics, from tips on using Microsoft Office to programming mobile apps.

Although you might not need or...

5 Steps to Tweak Your Software for More Productive Work

Matthew Guay / December 29, 2016

Computers help us be more productive. But they're also perhaps the most distracting devices ever invented.

The first personal computers were little more than a blank screen with a terminal where you'd type in text commands. Each year, some new feature would be added that'd make them...

Use OneNote Templates to Streamline Meetings, Projects, and Events

Melanie Pinola / December 21, 2016

Microsoft OneNote is a fantastic, versatile note-taking tool. One of its best features–at least if you're using the Windows version–is page templates. With templates, you can have a consistent look for all the pages in your notebooks, and you can easily replicate notebooks for things like meeting notes and...

How to Accept Payments From an Online Form

Matthew Guay / December 9, 2016

Forms are among the web's most versatile tools. Need a contact form? Drag an Email and Text field into a form editor, copy its embed code, add it to your site, and you're done. Want to make a survey? Just add enough extra fields to your form to...

How to Quickly Find and Compare Express Shipping Rates

Matthew Guay / December 8, 2016

Shipping is crucial to eCommerce, the thing that makes it possible to sell products from your hometown to customers around the world. And yet, it's confusing—and worst of all, expensive.

Standard shipping costs can be formidable already. Amazon spent 12.7% of their revenue) on shipping over the...

The Complete Guide to OmniFocus: One of the Best To-Do Apps for GTD

David Galloway / December 6, 2016

From Post-It notes on your desk to detailed project management tools, there are hundreds of ways to manage your tasks. And yet, one app has continued to capture the imagination of people trying to get things done: OmniFocus.

OmniFocus was launched in 2008 and designed around the Getting Things Done...

How to Run a Successful Online Store

Matthew Guay / December 1, 2016

You've decided what you want to sell, found the best eCommerce platform to run your store, designed the perfect logo, and held a Grand Opening event. Perhaps you've already made a few sales and have shipped them out to customers.

You're well on your way to being...