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Microsoft To-Do vs Wunderlist: Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft's New Task Management App

Matthew Guay / April 21, 2017

A list of tasks, a checkbox, a due date, and perhaps a notes field. The things you must have in a to-do list app is a surprisingly short list. And sometimes, focusing on those core features is the best way to make an app that will help you get things...

Jumpstart Your Next Writing Project with Scrivener: The Writing App for Organized, Efficient Writers

Emily Irish / April 20, 2017

Writing is hard.

Whether writing the next Great American Novel or keeping up with your blog's demand for new content, you have a lot to juggle. Research, outlines, notes, drafts, edits, publishing—let alone the actual writing process.

Scrivener makes it easier. Made by writers for writers, Scrivener is...

The Zapier Guide to Ulysses

Matthew Guay / April 18, 2017

Publishing the next great American novel requires more than just a text editor. You need somewhere to craft your prose, sure, but also need tools to organize your text into coherent chapters and compile them into a polished book. Even for longform blog posts, you often need something more than...

Build a Writing and Editing Workflow with Google Docs and WordPress

Matthew Guay / April 17, 2017

Publishing online is so easy, you can jot your thoughts down and share them with the world in minutes. Constantly publishing a well-written and widely-read blog, however, takes far more work—much of the same work that goes into producing in-depth newspaper and magazine articles.

It's tempting to just...

How to Build an Editorial Calendar That Will Boost Your Productivity

Emily Irish / April 13, 2017

If you run a blog, magazine, newspaper, YouTube channel, or content marketing team, an editorial calendar is an absolute must. But maybe you’ve seen some terrifying editorial calendars—physical calendars filled with chicken-scratch, giant spreadsheets full of jargon, or a Google Calendar that’s never updated.

There are a...

Manage Your G Suite Data

Matthew Guay / April 11, 2017

It's exciting to get a new G Suite or Gmail account, with the email address you've wanted for so long. The only thing missing is, well, everything from your old account. All those emails you've sent over the past years and contacts you've accumulated shouldn't...

How to Make a Multiple-Column Website with Google Sites' Hidden Menu

Matthew Guay / April 10, 2017

The newly redesigned Google Sites is a great place to start a website for free. In minutes, you can add text and images, embed documents and maps, and share it with a customized link—though not on your own domain name yet.

It's far easier to use than the...

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Advanced Search

Danny Schreiber / April 7, 2017

Whether or not you've signed up for Twitter, you have the power to perform detailed queries on the endless stream of Tweets by using the site's Advanced Search. The feature isn't behind a login and it doesn't take long to learn a few tricks to make...

How to Automatically Track Your Blog's Traffic in a Spreadsheet

Melanie Pinola / April 5, 2017

At the beginning of every month, I spend the better part of a day pulling traffic stats for each piece of content on our blog and then analyzing those stats. The manual work of searching Google Analytics and copying and pasting data into a spreadsheet is just as time-consuming and...

What Are LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms (and How to Amplify Their Impact with Zapier)

Ashley Hockney / April 4, 2017

If you’ve ever given a fake email address upon checkout, in a survey, or when clicking on an ad then you know just how hard it is for marketers to generate quality leads. This pain point is only exacerbated on mobile devices where prospects can be even less patient...