A Realtor Reduces Her Time Spent Managing Leads by 40% with Zapier

Joey Blanco
Joey Blanco

"My Zapier automations give me more time to focus on building relationships and running my real estate business effectively and efficiently."Sommer Cronck, Best Bellington Homes

If it were up to real estate agents, all their time would be spent with clients, talking about and showing off homes. The reality of their work, however, is a bit different and might look familiar to you: hours spent on data entry, moving information from one system to another, and crafting and scheduling social media posts.

While essential work, it's not the best use of a realtor's time—or anyone's, for that matter. Tired of wasting time, realtor and founder of Best Bellingham Homes, Sommer Cronck decided to do something about it. She found app automation tool Zapier, and immediately gave herself hours back every week.

About Best Bellingham Homes

As part of the RE/MAX family of independent real estate brokers, Sommer founded Best Bellingham Homes to help her fellow Bellingham, WA residents find a home in the city she loves. As a solopreneur, Sommer has to be everything for her business—marketer, salesperson, developer, and CEO.

By relying on Zapier to handle her leads and more, Sommer focuses on growing Best Bellingham Homes and giving her clients an unforgettable experience during a life-changing moment.

Manage Contacts and Leads with Office 365 and LionDesk

Sommer found that a lot of her time was spent managing contacts and leads across a few different tools. That meant when an email came in from a client, she'd have to jump into her customer relationship manager (CRM) to see if that person was already in her contact lists, and she would then add a note with details from the email.

This manual process ate through her time, which meant less opportunity to "wow" clients. To fix this without having to hire help, she added Zapier into her day-to-day processes and built a few Zaps—our word for automated workflows.

"Automating with Zapier cuts the time I spend inputting data into my CRM by at least 30-40%," she says.

Best Bellingham Homes' Tools

Icon: App: Used For:
LionDesk CRM LionDesk Real estate customer relationship manager (CRM)
Office 365 Office 365 Email and contacts

The Workflows

To automate her leads, Sommer uses a couple of Zaps to connect Office 365 and LionDesk.

"The biggest one for me is a Zap that connects my Office 365 contacts to my real estate CRM, LionDesk," Sommer explains. "Any time I enter a new contact into my phone, it gets sent to the CRM."

Her second most used Zap has Zapier keeping an eye out for new emails in Office 365. As they come in, Zapier compares the sender's email address to Sommer's contacts in LionDesk. If there's a match, Zapier saves a record of the email to that contact's CRM record, allowing Sommer to monitor her contacts and maintain a complete record of conversation in one spot: LionDesk.

And be sure to check out some of our most popular real estate Zaps, too:

Simple automations help Sommer give her clients a stellar experience, while handling the back-end of her real estate business.

"I've saved so much time now that I don't have to copy contacts into my CRM regularly, or track down email conversations because they're instantly being saved," Sommer says.

Want to have more time to grow your business? Give Zapier a try for free.

All images courtesy of Sommer Cronck - Best Bellingham Homes.

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