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How to automatically copy events from one Google Calendar to another

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How to automatically copy events from one Google Calendar to another

By Justin Pot · July 10, 2019
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Google makes it easy to share an entire calendar, but there's no obvious way to copy all your events from one calendar to another. That doesn't mean it's not possible.

Google Calendar offers exporting and importing, which is a great way to copy everything on one calendar right now over to another calendar. We'll go over that in the first section of this article. Note that this is only a one-time transfer, meaning any new appointments you add will not copy over. Don't worry: you can set up an automation to catch the new appointments, and we'll go over how to do that in the second section of this article.

Export and import all appointments from one Google Calendar to another

You can manually export an entire Google Calendar, then import all events to another calendar or even another account. To get started, open Google Calendar using the Google account that includes the events you want to copy. Next, hover over the calendar you want to export. Three vertical dots will appear.

Hover over any calendar to see the options button

Click the dots and a menu will pop up. Click Settings and sharing.

Settings and sharing options for a Google Calendar

Now click the Export calendar button.

Export a calendar in Google Calendar

Your browser will download a .zip file, which you should open in order to find an .ical file.

Exported calendar in Google Calendar

Next, open Google Calendar using the account that includes the calendar you want to copy your events to. Click the gear button in the top menu bar, then click Settings.

Settings button in Google Calendar

Click Import & Export in the settings, and you'll find the Import option.

Importing in Google Calendar

Select the file you just exported from the other calendar, then choose the calendar you'd like to import the dates to. You've now imported all of your events.

Automatically copy new events from one Google Calendar to another

The above process is not ongoing, meaning only events that were on your first calendar during export will show up on your second calendar. Any new events will not be added to your second calendar.

Make your business more efficient with Zapier

But it's also possible to add all new events. At Zapier, we offer automations for thousands of apps, and many of our customers use this to automatically add new appointments from one Google Calendar to another. Here's a quick template you can use for the job right now.

Click Use this Zap, and you'll be guided through the process of setting this up.

But if you'd rather take a more hands on approach, you can do that too. Click here to get started making a new Zap. Use Google Calendar as the trigger app.

Choose Google Calendar as your trigger app

Next, choose your trigger step. New Event is a solid choice if you want all events from one calendar to show up on another, while Event Matching Search is good if you want to filter which events are copied over.


Next, add the account that contains the calendar you'd like to copy events from.

Choose New Event or New Event Matching Search as your trigger

After this, you'll need to choose which calendar you want to copy from.

Choose which calendar you want to copy events from

You will be asked to pull in samples, after which you can set up your action step.

Ready for our action step

Choose Google Calendar as your action step, then choose Create Detailed Event as your action.

Choose Create Detailed event as your action

Now you can map your event from one calendar to another.

Set up your Detailed Event

Click the Fields button in the right hand side of every box, then click the matching field in the dropdown.

Map your fields

Repeat this for all the information you'd like to see included in your copied appointments. Note that you can also type in whatever message you want, which could be a good way of keeping track of which appointments were copied over.

Add a note to yourself

Once you've set up everything to your liking, you can run a test. Assuming it works, you can turn on your Zap. All new events on your source Google Calendar will be copied over to your destination, without you having to do anything.

Want more Google Calendar automations? Check out our Google Calendar integrations, where you can learn to connect Google Calendar with thousands of other apps including Todoist, Trello, and Slack.

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