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Articles that mention "Trello"

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The logos for Trello, Clockify, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Outlook.

Trello everything: maximize your work with the visual task management tool

A Trello board can be anything you want it to be: a virtual cork board, a place to brainstorm, or a way to manage projects and tasks. When you connect Zapier and Trello, you can turn Trello into a hub that organizes your work and makes things happen.

By Krystina Martinez

5 min read

A bell icon

By Elena Alston

3 min read

Hero image with the logos of the best free project management software

By Emily Esposito

11 min read

By Kaylee Moser

4 min read

Trello bullet journal

How to design a digital bullet journal

Trello is my favorite (heart eyes for art and stickers), but you can make your digital bullet journal on a whole variety of apps, depending on how your brain works.

By Jessica Sillers

6 min read

A woman works on a laptop while wearing headphones.

How automation helps me subcontract work as a freelance writer

Discover how to grow your freelance business with the help of automation.

By Afoma Umesi

6 min read

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