Welcoming Product Designer Adam Kaplan

Adam Kaplan
Adam Kaplan / Published October 9, 2015

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: One of the benefits of working with great people is that they’ve worked with other great people in the past. That was the case when our lead designer, Stephanie Briones, introduced us to Adam Kaplan. From our first meeting, it was clear that he possesses the same passion and attention to detail we value here at Zapier. I'm excited to welcome Adam to the team!

My name is Adam and I’m joining Zapier as a Product Designer.

I’m a Chicago native, and grew up with a love for creating things. I would always be making movies with my twin brother as a kid; a hobby I studied at Columbia College that later grew into a career in editing. My teachers described me as a visual learner, so it's really no wonder I began my career in the arts.

Years later, I discovered another passion–web design. I was self-taught for a time, but later had the opportunity to apprentice under Stephanie Briones at 8th Light in Chicago, where my interest developed into a career.

Design has always played an important role in my life. The power of simplicity really resonates with me and it's how I choose to approach design. I enjoy organizing information in much the same way I enjoy organizing my closet–uncluttered and easy to use. I suppose it's just part of my personality!

When I’m not trying to make the web a more usable place, I'm most likely gaming with my friends or partner. It's been a lifelong passion for me, and hosting all night LAN parties and attending conferences like BlizzCon are some of my favorite activities. I love geeking out on all things Zelda, Warcraft, and Final Fantasy.

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