How Zapier Saved Users 9.7m Hours of Work in 2014

Wade Foster
Wade Foster / Published December 31, 2014

Zapier this year performed 581 million tasks for you—Zapier users. Estimating that an individual task saves a user 60 seconds, the automated tasks collectively gave back 9.7 million hours of work. That's roughly 1,070 years—more than a millennium—of time saved!

Instead of busy work, you spent that time on more important activities, like growing your business, experimenting with new ideas, catching up with friends or eating dinner at home with your family.

As we close out 2014, we want to congratulate you on making your work and life more efficient. Your success has helped us grow, and in turn, ramp up to help you even more in 2015.

But before we turn the page to 2015, let's take a look back at what happened in 2014:

120 New App Integrations Added

By Danny Schreiber, marketer at Zapier

28 Apps in 28 Days Wrapup
February was the month of integration love as we added a new app to Zapier daily.

When it comes down to it, Zapier is only useful when it integrates with the apps that you use. At the start of the year, increasing the number of apps on Zapier became a priority.

With 120 new apps in 2014, Zapier now integrates with 374 apps

1.25 Million Zaps Created

By Alison Groves, community champion at Zapier

Kissmetrics Zapier case study
This case study on Kissmetric's use of Zapier was one of 52 published in 2014.

From automating email list subscriptions to sharing new blog posts in a LinkedIn group, Zapier users are able to do far more with the apps they use. In 2014, you told us you wanted to hear how others user Zapier. Se we began interviewing customers to learn what Zaps they were using, how it benefited their business and why they'd recommend Zapier to others. So far, there are 52 case studies published and hundreds of use cases.

In 2015, we want to make it even easier to show how others are doing more with less, so if you'd like to volunteer to share your story with us, fill out this short form.

More than 250,000 users joined Zapier in 2014, pushing total users past 400,000

Beyond the pages of Zapier, our customers are sharing how they use automation in all sorts of ways, too. There are tutorials on running a Twitter hashtag contests, write-ups bringing sales visibility to the whole team and overall automation hacks. In 2014, we began to publish a round-up of these great customer write-ups in our monthly recaps posted on the Zapier blog.

The 5 Most Popular Zapier Use Cases in 2014

1. Save New Form Submissions to a Google Sheet

2. Add Tasks to Your Google Calendar

3. Get Notified of New Rows or Updates to a Google Sheet

4. Add Tasks Recorded in Evernote to Other Apps

5. Grow Your MailChimp List from Form Entries

One Webinar Published, Plenty More to Come in 2015


Sometimes it's easiest to learn with one-on-one instruction, and though as much as we wish we could offer that to everyone, it's not quite feasible. So this month, we began offering live online training that takes a deep dive on using Zapier with a particular app. For example, this first webinar focused on Twitter automation for good, and coming up in January there will be training sessions featuring Google Sheets (sign up now!), CRM apps Pipedrive and Streak, and multipurpose app Podio.

1 Million Blog Pageviews Surpassed

By Danny Schreiber, marketer at Zapier

Zapier blog

After two years of erratic blogging at Zapier, last October we got serious. We set out to make the Zapier blog an indispensable resource for you, a busy professionals wanting to get more out of your workday, so we made a commitment to publishing at least two in-depth articles per week.

As of today, there are 124 such posts, which have racked up over 1 million pageviews and brought in over 10,000 subscribers to the blog newsletter. Compare that to 2013, and you can see why I say we got serious and it seems it helped!

If there's something you'd like for us to cover in 2015 on the blog, let us know in the comments.

blog stats

The 10 Most-Read Posts in 2014

From most to least pageviews:

  1. How to Scale Yourself and Get More Done Than You Thought Possible

  2. The Missing Guide for Google Hangout Video Calls

  3. The 14 Best Online Form Builders for Every Task

  4. From 3 to 16: How to Hire and Build a Remote Team

  5. How to Better Remember and Make Use of What You Read

  6. From 0 to 100,000 Users in 4 Months: The Story Behind Productivity Chrome Extension Momentum

  7. Google Chrome for Marketers: 10 Setup Tips, 20+ Extensions You Need to Know

  8. The Best Team Chat App for Your Company

  9. Past the Pop-Up: 10 Email Marketing Tactics You've Never Tried

  10. 14 Resources for User Onboarding and User Interface Inspiration

Beyond the Blog


Aside from fresh content being continually published on our blog, we quietly added this year a "Learn" section to our site. Here you'll find one long-time resource of ours, "101 Ways to Use Zapier", and two new robust pieces, "An Introduction to APIs" by Zapier engineer Brian Cooksey and "The Ultimate Guide to CRM Apps" by my fellow marketer, Matthew Guay. The former is an eight-chapter course complete with exercises and the latter is a five-part guide that includes reviews on over 35 CRM apps.

The Zapier Team Grew by 11

By Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier

Zapier Team

At the end of 2013, Zapier had eight full-time team members. At the end of 2014, there are 19 full-time team members along with two more who have committed to joining us in early 2015.

  • 5 customer champions
  • 5 product engineers
  • 4 marketers
  • 3 founders
  • 2 infrastructure engineers
  • 1 data scientist
  • 1 product designer

Most exciting is that we were able to successfully double down on remote work. On top of adding teammates in Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, California, Missouri, Connecticut and Maine, we grew internationally, too, hiring individuals in the United Kingdom and Thailand.

The Zapier team answered its 100,000th support ticket in 2014

We're excited and eager to help you do even more in 2015 and if you want to help hundreds of thousands of people become superheroes by getting more out of their apps I hope you'll consider joining the Zapier team.

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