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How to Make an RSS Feed for Your Facebook Page

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Written by Grace Montgomery / August 27, 2019
Last Updated September 18, 2019

You used to be able to make an RSS feed for any Facebook Page by finding its unique numerical ID and adding it to the end of a Facebook feed URL. Unfortunately, Facebook no longer lets you do this, and the tools and websites that could find the Page's ID stopped working.

But with Zapier you can still make an RSS feed for any Page you've created or where you're listed as an admin. This can make it easy to follow what's happening on your Timeline right along with your other social and blog feeds in your favorite RSS reader. In this tutorial, we'll walk you through how to create an RSS feed for your Facebook Page.

Want to quickly make an RSS feed for your Facebook Page? Here's a pre-made Zap—Zapier's automated workflow—to make it simple:

Or, if you want to customize your workflow even further, follow the steps below.

How to Get a Facebook Page RSS Feed

Log in to Zapier, click the Create a Zap button, and select Facebook Pages as the trigger app. To follow when someone posts on your Page, select New Post to Your Timeline.

Create Facebook RSS feed in Zapier

Connect your Facebook account, then select which of your Pages you want to use with Zapier. You'll then need to give Zapier permission to manage your Page to finish linking your account.

Once your account is linked, select the Page you want to follow in the dropdown menu. Zapier will then test the Facebook integration.

Connect to your Facebook Page

Next, click + Add a Step and select the RSS by Zapier app as the action app. Add a name for your RSS feed in the Feed URL box, then click Copy to clipboard—this is the URL to use in your RSS feed reader.

Now, tap the + icon beside each required field to add the correct information from Facebook to the RSS feed. We've put the message text as the Item Title and the URL for the Timeline post as the Source URL. For the Content, put whatever will work best in your RSS reader or will be the most useful to you.

Add details to Facebook RSS feed

Save and test your Zap. You can now follow what happens on your Facebook Page from inside your RSS feed reader.

To cut down on the time you spend posting to Facebook, you can also share new RSS feed posts to your Facebook Page with a Zap.

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