Create Help Scout Conversations from Wufoo Forms

Forms on your website are a very easy way for people to contact you, but wouldn't it be even better if you could manage those messages in your help desk? Enter Zapier, which helps makes that extremely easy. Anywhere you have a Wufoo form, that information submitted from that form can automatically be sent to Help Scout to create a new conversation. Keep that conversation easy for your user, and easy for you to manage.

How it works

  1. Someone fills out your Wufoo form
  2. Zapier automatically creates a new conversation in Help Scout

What you'll need

  • A Wufoo account with an active form
  • A Help Scout account
Create Help Scout Conversations from Wufoo Forms
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Wufoo is an easy way to create and manage HTML forms.

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Help Scout is the ideal small business help desk. You can deliver great email support and get setup in minutes, without any of the typical help desk complexities.

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