Create Box text files from Wufoo form entries

This Wufoo to Box integration can automatically store Wufoo form data in a text file saved to a Box account. Once this integration has been set up, all new Wufoo form data will be saved in text files in a Box folder.

Optionally, the Box folder used to store the file can be specific to the form submission. To do this, firstly use Zapier to create a Box folder from a Wufoo form entry automatically. Then simply set the folder name in this integration with the same data item used to create the folder in the earlier zap. You can also use a Zapier Delay Trigger for this integration, to ensure the folder has been created when this zap is run.

How It Works

  1. A new Wufoo form is submitted
  2. Zapier creates and saves a text file containing form data in a Box folder

What You Need

  • A Wufoo account
  • A Box account
Create Box text files from Wufoo form entries
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