Create Asana tasks from new Expensify reports

Sometimes creating an expense report is just the first step of many. With this automation, you can add a new task in Asana whenever a new Expensify report is created. This way, the follow-up tasks in your reporting workflow are right alongside the rest of your to-dos.

How this Expensify-Asana integration works

  1. A new Expensify report is created
  2. Zapier creates a new Asana task from this report

Apps involved

  • Expensify
  • Asana
Create Asana tasks from new Expensify reports
Expensify integration logo

Expensify is an application that makes it easy to import expenses directly from a credit card to create expense reports quickly and easily.

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Asana is a collaborative information manager for workspace. It helps you organize people and tasks effectively.

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