Start a new Help Scout conversation from SurveyMonkey responses

If you communicate with your customers in Help Scout, you can start a new conversation with them whenever they fill out your SurveyMonkey survey. Zapier can capture SurveyMonkey responses with a new contact's details, and send it to Help Scout as a new conversation. That gives you a great way to followup on their responses and continue the conversation.

Note: You must use SurveyMonkey's Single Textbox fields to capture contact details, in order to properly pass the information to Help Scout.

How It Works

  1. A new subscriber submits a SurveyMonkey response
  2. Zapier adds a new conversation to Help Scout

What You Need

  • SurveyMonkey account
  • Help Scout account
Start a new Help Scout conversation from SurveyMonkey responses
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SurveyMonkey is the easiest way to create surveys and get answers. SurveyMonkey lets you whip up a survey quickly and get targeted answers from the audience you want to ask.

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Help Scout is the ideal small business help desk. You can deliver great email support and get setup in minutes, without any of the typical help desk complexities.

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