Capture new WooCommerce customers as Marketo leads

Every new customer presents the potential for long-term engagement. Make sure you can identify and react to them by activating this lead-capture automation. It will then listen for any new orders on WooCommerce and copy every new customer into Marketo for you, creating them and adding them to a list so your targeted marketing can kick in.

How this WooCommerce-Marketo integration works

  1. A new order is placed on WooCommerce
  2. Zapier automation adds a lead to Marketo, or updates one that exists and logs them in a list

Apps involved

  • WooCommerce
  • Marketo
Capture new WooCommerce customers as Marketo leads
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WooCommerce is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that transforms your WordPress website into a fully featured eCommerce store. Send your customer and order information from WooCommerce to Zapier. Note: this service requires the WooCommerce Zapier Extension that is available for purchase on the extension store.

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Marketo's marketing automation software helps marketers engage customers and prospects.

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