Create Xero invoices from updated Knack records

Save yourself time and automate invoicing with this Knack to Xero automation. Set it up, and when you log your work into Knack, Zapier sends the invoice via Xero, leaving you one less thing to have to worry about. It's a simple way to automate your team's invoicing process.

How It Works

  1. Update a record in Knack
  2. Zapier creates an invoice in Xero

What You Need

  • Knack account
  • Xero account
Create Xero invoices from updated Knack records
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Knack is the easy way to build online databases and applications.

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Xero is an accounting app that lets you track businesses expenses and accounting with intuitive mobile apps and web interfaces for point-of-sale, ecommerce, time-tracking, and more.

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