Create a HelpScout conversation from Zengine

Let customers and prospects contact you with a Zengine form on your website, then continue the conversation in HelpScout.

How It Works

  1. Add a Zengine webform to your page to allow your users to contact you.
  2. Every time someone submits the webform, a new Zengine record will be created and sent to HelpScout. From there your team can keep the conversation going with the customer.

What You Need

  • Zengine account, with a form configured to accept an email address and message from the user.
  • HelpScout account
Create a HelpScout conversation from Zengine
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Zengine is a cloud-based platform that empowers a non-technical person to quickly build custom business applications. Zengine can be used to track customers, job candidates, projects or more and replaces paper processes, outgrown spreadsheets, or generic software products.

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Help Scout is the ideal small business help desk. You can deliver great email support and get setup in minutes, without any of the typical help desk complexities.

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