Send Twilio SMS messages for new Formidable entries

Want to stay on top of your Formidable results, but can't afford to check them all the time? Use this Zap to receive notifications about them, wherever you are. Once it's active, you'll receive an automatic SMS through Twilio for each and every new entry added to Formidable. The Formidable Twilio integration will continue to trigger for every new entry as long as you leave it on, creating a reliable alert system with all the data you need to stay on top of things at a glance.

How It Works

  1. A new Formidable entry is received
  2. Zapier automatically sends an SMS on Twilio

What You Need

  • Formidable account
  • Twilio account
Send Twilio SMS messages for new Formidable entries
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Formidable Forms is a WordPress plugin that helps you create beautiful drag and drop forms with custom styling. You and your visitors can submit and edit entries and posts from the front-end of your site. When you have data, display it with graphs and custom views.

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An easy tool for developers to send and receive SMS and voice calls.

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