Save Your Twilio Call Recordings to Dropbox

Twilio makes it easy to get voicemail or record calls on your Twilio number, but what are you going to do with the recordings? This Zap lets you automatically save every Twilio voice recording to your Dropbox account—and in turn, the Dropbox app gives you your own visual voicemail on your phone.

How it Works

Whenever Twilio records a call or voicemail message, Zapier will find the new recording and copy it to the Dropbox folder of your choice.

What You Need

  1. A Twilio account, with a phone number activated
  2. Call recording setup with a Twilio app, or voicemail setup with a Twimlet
  3. A Dropbox account, with enough storage space for your voice recordings
Save Your Twilio Call Recordings to Dropbox
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