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Record new Calendly events as contact activities in Pipedrive

  1. When this happensStep 1: Invitee Created

  2. Then do thisStep 2: Find Person

  3. Then do thisStep 3: Create Activity

It can be embarrassing to forget details of past conversations when speaking to a client or customer! Avoid that situation with this automation. After setting it up, whenever someone books a Calendly meeting with you, Zapier will search Pipedrive for that contact, and add the details of the meeting to their activity. That way, you'll have the context of past meetings on hand.

How this Calendly-Pipedrive integration works

  1. An invitee schedules an event with you in Calendly
  2. Zapier looks for that person in Pipedrive, and adds the event to their record as an activity. You can choose whether to create a new Pipedrive contact if one doesn't already exist.

Apps involved

  • Calendly
  • Pipedrive
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It's easy to connect Calendly + Pipedrive and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

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