Create files on Box for new MailChimp unsubscriptions

It pays to keep records, even when people leave your lists. Make sure you always have their information on hand for follow-ups and re-engagement attempts by setting up this MailChimp-Box integration. Every new unsubscription from your list will trigger the automation, creating a text file in a Box folder with all the user data you may need to access in the future so that nothing is ever lost.

How It Works

  1. A user unsubscribes from MailChimp
  2. Zapier automatically creates a file on on Box

What You Need

  • MailChimp account
  • Box account
Create files on Box for new MailChimp unsubscriptions
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MailChimp is an email marketing service provider, founded in 2001. It has 6 million users that collectively send over 10 billion emails through the service each month.

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Box lets you keep all your businesses files in one place for simple online collaboration.

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