Asana + LiveChat

Add new Asana stories when LiveChat chats end

  1. When this happens

    Step 1: Finished Chat

  2. Then do this

    Step 2: Create Story

If you want your LiveChat chats stored in Asana for reference, this Zapier integration will supercharge your productivity. When a LiveChat chat ends, a new Asana story is added automatically.

How It Works

  1. A LiveChat chat ends
  2. Zapier adds a new Asana story

What You Need

  • LiveChat account
  • Asana account

Supported triggers and actions

What does this mean?
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About Asana

Asana is a collaborative information manager for workspace. It helps you organize people and tasks effectively.
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About LiveChat

LiveChat is the faster way to contact your customers. It is a web-based chat tool that lets you chat with your website visitors.
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