Create tasks in TimeHero for new Freshdesk tickets

Intelligently and automatically schedule your support desk tickets. This TimeHero-Freshdesk Zap, once active, will create a new task in TimeHero for every ticket you receive in Freshdesk. That way, your support team can take care of tickets in the order that makes the most sense for your business.

Note: Tasks will only auto-schedule if they are given a default time estimate. Adding a the number of days after creation it should be 'due' will help TimeHero prioritize scheduling along with other tasks with due dates.

How it Works

  1. A new ticket is added to Freshdesk
  2. Zapier automatically creates a schedulable task in TimeHero

Apps involved

  • Freshdesk account
  • TimeHero account
Create tasks in TimeHero for new Freshdesk tickets
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Freshdesk is an online helpdesk software with multiple channel customer service to support customers across email, phone, chat, web, Twitter and more.

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TimeHero automates project planning, completion, and reporting. Get peace of mind that everything is on track and taken care of.

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