Create Zendesk Users from New Chargify Customers

With the help of Zapier, snack subscription company Healthy Surprise creates new Zendesk users every time they receive new customer data in Chargify. Automating the process can take any information you need from Chargify and automatically send it over to Zendesk without needing to do any of the manual work.

"We include all the details in their Zendesk account...when they signed up, what they ordered, etc. This way, when someone creates a support ticket, our customer support team knows the customer’s long they’ve been with us, etc."

- Joseph Winke, Healthy Surprise

How it works

  1. You receive a new customer in Chargify.
  2. Their information is sent automatically over to Zendesk to create a new user.

What You Need

  1. A Chargify account
  2. A Zendesk account
Create Zendesk Users from New Chargify Customers
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