Send CallFire SMS messages from new emails

By parsing your emails with, you always have an extra set of eyes watching your emails for certain words, phrases or errors. By implementing this Zapier integration, you can immediately spring to action by sending a CallFire SMS message from new emails. It's a simple way to followup on customer requests, or let your team know when you receive an email.

How It Works

  1. A new parsed email is received with Mailparser
  2. Zapier sends a CallFire SMS message

What You Need

  • Mailparser account
  • CallFire account
Send CallFire SMS messages from new emails
Mailparser integration logo allows you to parse incoming emails into structured data.

CallFire integration logo

CallFire is a cloud telephony platform. Easily fire off an SMS or Call. You can trigger events when your phone number is called or texted as well.

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