Create Basecamp 3 to-dos from new Pipedrive activity

Wouldn't it be nice if your to-do list updated along with your notes about a deal? Stop juggling tools and use this Zapier integration to make this magic happen. After you set it up, to-dos will be added to a Basecamp to-do list whenever you have updated activity in Pipedrive. Voila!

How this Pipedrive-Basecamp 3 integration works

  1. New activity happens in Pipedrive
  2. Zapier creates a new to-do in Basecamp 3

Apps involved

  • Pipedrive
  • Basecamp 3
Create Basecamp 3 to-dos from new Pipedrive activity
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Pipedrive is sales pipeline and CRM software for deal makers. Get super-organized. Close deals in less time. iOS and Android apps let you take your pipeline with you anywhere.

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Basecamp’s unique blend of tools is everything any team needs to stay on the same page about whatever they’re working on.

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