Connect Shift4Shop to QuickBooks Online and automate any workflow

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2. Choose an Action
The event an automation performs after it's triggered
Endless possibilities

Top companies trust Zapier to automate work that solves their unique business problems—no coding required.

How Zapier works

Zapier makes it easy to integrate Shift4Shop with QuickBooks Online - no code necessary. See how you can get setup in minutes.

Select a trigger from Shift4Shop

A trigger is an event that starts your Zap and runs the workflow. For example, with Shift4Shop, a trigger could be "New Customer."
A trigger is the event that kicks off your automated workflow.

Setup an action from QuickBooks Online

An action is what takes place after the automation is triggered. For example, with QuickBooks Online, the action could be "Create Bill (Item Based)."
An action is the event that your automated workflow performs when triggered.

That’s it! You just connected Shift4Shop to QuickBooks Online

With Zapier, it’s never been easier to connect your apps together and automate your most tedious work. Save hours every month.
Triggers and actions are the main components of every automated workflow.

Connect Shift4Shop and QuickBooks Online to integrate crucial parts of your business

With Zapier, you can integrate everything from basic data entry to end-to-end processes. Here are some of the business-critical workflows that people automate with Zapier.

Automate your lead management and improve conversions

With Zapier, you can automate every part of your lead funnel and give yourself the best chance at converting leads. Automate everything from lead capture to outreach to reporting—and close more deals as a result.
An illustration representing how to automate lead management with Zapier.

Connect Shift4Shop and QuickBooks Online to unlock the power of automation

With Zapier's 7,000 integrations, you can unify your tools within a connected system to improve your team's efficiency and deepen their impact.

Choose a Trigger
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Choose an Action

Supported triggers and actions

Zapier helps you create workflows that connect your apps to automate repetitive tasks. A trigger is an event that starts a workflow, and an action is an event a Zap performs.

    • CustomerId
    • BillingFirstName
    • BillingLastName
    • BillingCompany
    • BillingAddress
    • BillingAddress2
    • BillingCity
    • BillingState
    • BillingZipCode
    • BillingCountry
    • BillingPhoneNumber
    • BillingEmail
    • ShipmentFirstName
    • ShipmentLastName
    • ShipmentCompany
    • ShipmentAddress
    • ShipmentAddress2
    • ShipmentCity
    • ShipmentState
    • ShipmentZipCode
    • ShipmentCountry
    • ShipmentPhone
    • ShipmentEmail

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