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How to connect RSS by Zapier + Discord + Twitter

Zapier lets you send info between RSS by Zapier, Discord, and Twitter automatically—no code required.

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Do even more with RSS by Zapier + Discord + Twitter

With Zapier, you can do more than just connect your apps - you can automate entire processes from beginning to end! Check out the following list of triggers and actions you can use with RSS by Zapier, Discord, and Twitter. And don’t forget that you can add more apps and actions to create complex workflows.

Supported triggers and actions

What does this mean?
    • Feed URLsRequired

      Paste publicly accessible RSS URLs, one per line. Maximum of 10.

    • What Triggers a New Feed Item?

      This is an advanced option. Go with the recommended unless you're a total pro ;)

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    • Feed URLRequired

      Customize the private URL for this RSS feed. Letters, numbers, and hyphens only, no spaces.

    • Feed Title

      Defaults to "A Feed Called X" where X is the last portion of the feed's url from above.

    • Max Records

      50 is the max, but this allows you to reduce the number of items returned in the feed.

    • Item TitleRequired

      The title of the item to publish.

    • Source URLRequired

      Provide a source URL for where this item is permanently hosted. Most RSS readers turn the title into a clickable link to this URL.

    • ContentRequired

      Provide the plain text or HTML content of the feed item.

    • Automatically Truncate Messages over 10KB?

      Use this field to control whether Zapier will truncate data over the 10kb limit (select Yes), or generate an error if the data is too large (select No). See our Help for more information.

    • Author Name

    • Author Email

    • Author Link

    • Media URL

      Specify a raw download URL for your podcast file, image, or other media file.

    • Media MIME Type

      What is the MIME type for your raw file? Defaults to audio/mpeg.

    • Media Length in Bytes

      Some players require a valid length. Defaults to 0.

    • Pubdate

      Most people would put "now", but you can change it to something like "tomorrow" or "next week monday at 7pm" or "2013-08-23 12:00:00 +0800"! Note, we do not order by pubdate, just by order inserted.

  • Discord triggers, actions, and search

    New User Added

    Triggers when a new user joins the Discord Server.

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    • UserRequired

    • RoleRequired


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By signing up, you agree to Zapier's terms of service and privacy policy.

How RSS by Zapier + Discord + Twitter Integrations Work

  1. Step 1: Authenticate RSS by Zapier, Discord, and Twitter.
    30 seconds
  2. Step 2: Pick one of the apps as a trigger, which will kick off your automation.
    15 seconds
  3. Step 3: Choose a resulting action from the other app.
    15 seconds
  4. Step 4: Select the data you want to send from one app to the other.
    2 minutes
  5. That’s it! More time to work on other things.
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About RSS by Zapier

RSS (really simple syndication) is pretty much the industry standard for feed readers. You'll find RSS feeds in almost every app imaginable.

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