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Send monthly emails with Gmail

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Use Zapier to automatically send monthly messages, reminders, tasks, or updates via Gmail. With this integration, you pick a monthly schedule and write a Gmail message, and Zapier will then send that email monthly on the day and time that you nominate. That way, you can have Zapier automatically remind you of important tasks you should complete right in your email inbox—or, you could have it send out an update email at the end of the month without any extra work.

How It Works

  1. Pick a day and time each month that you want to generate the Gmail message.
  2. Zapier sends that Gmail message automatically on that day every month.

What You Need

  • A Gmail account
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Connect Gmail + Schedule by Zapier in Minutes

It's easy to connect Gmail + Schedule by Zapier and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

All Triggers & Actions

New Attachment

Triggers when you receive a new attachment (triggers once per attachment).

New Labeled Email

Triggers when you label an email.

New Email Matching Search

Triggers when you receive a new email that matches a search string you provide.

New Thread

Triggers when a new thread starts.

InstantEvery Hour

Triggers every hour.

New Label

Triggers when you add a new label.

New Email

Triggers when a new e-mail appears in the specified mailbox.

New Starred Email

Triggers when you receive a new email and star it within two days.

InstantEvery Day

Triggers every day, just choose at what hour of time.

InstantEvery Month

Triggers every month, just choose what day of the month.