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How to Get Started with Formstack

About Formstack's Integration

Connecting with Formstack

When you start creating a Formstack Zap, you will be asked to connect your Formstack account.

Click to connect Formstack

You’ll now be asked to log into your Formstack account (unless you are already logged in). Next, you will need to give access to Zapier by clicking "Authorize".

Formstack Login

If all steps were successful your Formstack account will now be successfully connected.

Formstack connection successfull

Common Problems With Formstack

My Form Won't Submit

This is a really common problem that happens quite often. Formstack doesn't allow any 3rd party integration on plans below Silver. So if you're on a free plan and try to use the Formstack integration, nothing will come through.

Double check that you have an appropriate plan. If you do, the next thing would be to set up the zap, skipping "Load Sample Data" and enable it. Now go to the form in Formstack and look under Settings -> Emails & Redirects -> After the Form is Submitted and double check that a Zapier URL has been added.

My Zap is triggering when other forms are filled out.

If you make a copy of a form in Formstack, it also copies any existing webhook integrations, like to your Zap.

For the form that you do not want connected to the Zap, go to the form's Settings > Emails and Actions > Advanced (down at the bottom)

You'll see a Submit Action with a Zapier url like this:

submit action

Click the red delete icon over to the far right, which will delete the integration for this form.

Popular Things To Do With Formstack

  • Create Trello cards from new Formstack submissions

    Formstack + Trello

    Try It
  • Get Slack notifications for new Formstack submissions

    Formstack + Slack

  • Add new Formstack form entries to Google Sheets as new rows

    Formstack + Google Sheets

  • Copy new Formstack submissions into Excel

    Formstack + Microsoft Excel

  • Add new Formstack entries to Asana as tasks

    Formstack + Asana

  • Add ActiveCampaign contacts from new Formstack submissions

    Formstack + ActiveCampaign

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