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Add new Slack channel messages to an Excel spreadsheet

  1. When this happensStep 1: New Message Posted to Channel

  2. Then do thisStep 2: Add Row

Slack's search is a powerful tool, but if you're tired of scrolling ever farther as time goes on, set up this Zap to bring a copy of everything into Excel. It'll fire off whenever a message is posted to a specific channel on Slack, adding the contents to an Excel spreadsheet so you can sort by user, filter by content, or even simply keep a separate record of the valuable conversation that happens in chat.

Note: This integration will only work with an Excel spreadsheet on OneDrive for Business

How this Slack-Excel integration works

  1. A new message is posted to a channel on Slack
  2. Zapier automation creates an Excel spreadsheet row

Apps involved

  • Slack
  • Excel
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Connect Microsoft Excel + Slack in Minutes

It's easy to connect Microsoft Excel + Slack and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

All Triggers & Actions

New Row

Triggers when a new row is added to a worksheet in a spreadsheet.

New Worksheet

Triggers when a new worksheet is added to a spreadsheet.

InstantNew Public Message Posted Anywhere

Triggers when a new message is posted to any public channel.

InstantNew Message Posted to Channel

Triggers when a new message is posted to a specific #channel you choose.

InstantNew File

Triggers when a new file is uploaded to your workspace.

New Row in Table

Triggers when a new row is added to a table in a spreadsheet.

Updated Row

Triggers when a row is added or updated in a worksheet.

InstantNew Channel

Triggers whenever a new #channel is created.

InstantNew Team Custom Emoji

Triggers when a custom emoji has been added to a team.

InstantNew Mention

Triggers when a username or highlight word is mentioned in a public #channel.

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