Unsubscribe MailChimp users for new Chargify subscriptions

When you finally acquire those customers and begin Chargify subscriptions, you'll want to shift into retention mode as quickly as possible—and that includes adjusting your outreach. Make the change easy on yourself by setting up this Chargify MailChimp integration, after which any new subscription on Chargify will unsubscribe an email from the list you indicate on MailChimp, making sure your marketing has an accurate scope at all times.

How It Works

  1. A new subscription is created on Chargify
  2. Zapier automatically unsubscribes a user on MailChimp

What You Need

  • Chargify account
  • MailChimp account
Unsubscribe MailChimp users for new Chargify subscriptions
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Chargify makes it easy to do subscription billing for web 2.0 and SaaS companies hassle free and PCI compliant.

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MailChimp is an email marketing service provider, founded in 2001. It has 6 million users that collectively send over 10 billion emails through the service each month.

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