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Connect BambooHR to 2,000+ Apps

  • Invite new employees in BambooHR to join your Zapier team account

    BambooHR + Zapier Manager

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  • Post new BambooHR time off requests as Slack channel messages

    BambooHR + Slack

  • Post new employees added in BambooHR to a Slack channel

    BambooHR + Slack

  • Log new BambooHR employees to a Google Sheet

    BambooHR + Google Sheets

  • Add new employees in BambooHR as leads in a Marketo list

    BambooHR + Marketo

BambooHR Integration Details

The following BambooHR Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


New Employee

Triggers when a new employee is created.

Changed Report

Triggers when a company report changes. Works best with reports sorted by a date field in descending order.

New Time Off Request

Triggers when a new time off request is created by an employee whose requests you're able to approve.

New Time Off

Triggers when a new time off is found for the selected conditions. Limited to those employees and time off types that you have view access to.


Get Summary of Who's Out

Get a summary of who's out of the office on a given date.

Update Employee

Updates an existing employee.

Upload Employee File

Uploads an Employee File.

Respond to Time Off Request

Approve, deny, or cancel a time off request.

Create Employee

Creates a new employee.


Find Employee

Finds an employee by searching.

Find or Create Employee

Finds an employee by searching.

Connect BambooHR to 2,000+ Apps