Add new Unbounce leads as prospects

If your lead nurturing process needs a little assistance, give this automation a try. After you've activated it, every new submission you receive through your Unbounce landing page will result in new prospects being added to Woodpecker. Save yourself some manual effort and watch your work get done for you.

How this integration works:

  1. A new submission is made through your Unbounce form
  2. Zapier adds a new prospect to

Apps involved:

  • Unbounce
Add new Unbounce leads as prospects
Unbounce integration logo

Unbounce makes it crazy simple to do landing pages without a dedicated developer. Just drag and drop via their editor and create incredible landing pages in minutes. integration logo helps B2B companies directly contact prospective clients by automated sending of personalized sales emails and follow-ups. Send emails and follow-up sequences automatically from your mailbox and have all the replies detected. Grow your business within the Predictable Revenue methodology by Aaron Ross in outbound, and nurture your inbound leads more personally to build valuable B2B relations.

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