Add new Strava activities as rows to Smartsheet

Each time you post your bike/run/swim/hike/etc activity to Strava, Zapier will create a new record in Smartsheet, including all of the activity details like pace/mileage/elevation/heart rate and time (in both metric and US/imperial). Then you can dig down into your data, charting and summarizing it to be better able to see trends and improve your performance.

How this Strava-Smartsheet integration works

  1. A new activity is posted to Strava
  2. Zapier adds this activity as a row to Smartsheet

Apps involved

  • Strava
  • Smartsheet
Add new Strava activities as rows to Smartsheet
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Strava is a fitness tracking application.

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Smartsheet is an intuitive online project management tool enabling teams to increase productivity using cloud, collaboration, and mobile technologies.

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