Import OnePageCRM contacts into Google Contacts

Rather than import each contact individually, use this OnePageCRM to Google Contacts automation, and it will get done for you automatically. Once set up, each time a new contact is added in OnePageCRM, Zapier will create a new contact in Google Contacts. Save yourself time and valuable resources when you implement this integration.

How It Works

  1. New contact is added in OnePageCRM
  2. Zapier adds a new contact in Google Contacts

What You Need

  • OnePageCRM account
  • Google account
Import OnePageCRM contacts into Google Contacts
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OnePageCRM converts the complexity of CRM into a simple to-do list. Built using GTD (Getting Things Done) productivity principles, its streamlined approach to sales helps you convert leads to customers, reach targets and grow your business fast. By focusing on that one Next Action, your sales team are organized and empowered to move a deal forward. OnePageCRM strives to offer a product that is as easy to use as email and helps your company achieve zero admin.

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Google Contacts, the address book built into Gmail, lets you keep track of all your contacts, see when you last interacted with them, and more.

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