POST new Facebook Lead Ads to a webhook

Your new leads can be sent anywhere you need them; all it takes is a webhook and this Facebook Lead Ads-Webhook integration. Once you set it up, any new submission you receive on your Facebook Lead Ads will automatically be sent to the webhook URL you define, letting you connect your form to the rest of your pipeline seamlessly.

How It Works

  1. A Facebook Lead Ad receives a new submission
  2. Zapier automatically makes a POST to a webhook URL.

What You Need

  • Facebook Lead Ads
POST new Facebook Lead Ads to a webhook
Facebook Lead Ads integration logo

Facebook lead ads make signing up for business information easy for people and more valuable for businesses. The Facebook lead ad app is useful for marketers who want to automate actions on their leads.

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Webhooks simply POST data (or JSON) to a specific URL every time we see something new. Webhooks can also accept data (or JSON) to kick off a workflow in Zapier.

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